Free Day by: Charlie Price

Saturday July 6thToday was a chill day for everybody. We went to the beach and the pool all day. We went and got seafood at Monty’s sunset. The food was good there but the band playing was way better. The band was called brothers of others they are on Spotify. They have some of there... Continue Reading →

Last Day at TML by James Scheetz

hey, it’s James Scheetz and today was hectic, but a good last day. It started out with me sleeping in 15 minutes longer than I should have, which caused me to not make it to the hotel breakfast, so I instead ate some Drake’s cakes, the most superior brand of snack cakes, which originated in... Continue Reading →

Free Day by: Emily and Sami

Sami Hale and Emily BerryJuly 4, 2019Our day started off later than usual, due to it being the 4th of July (happy holidays everyone), beginning our day by visiting a coffee shop called All Day. We got to see an awesome parallel park that was not accomplished by many other people. From there, we all... Continue Reading →

Day 3 of Camp by: Maddie and Olivia

7/3/2019 Hey y’all! Today was our third day of camp and our field trip day. Getting the kids to calm down for morning devotion was difficult because they were all so excited to go to Jungle Island. Field Trips are really important at TML because it is an incentive for behaving well, as well as providing the kids with... Continue Reading →

Free Day

Hello! My name is Spencer Terry and I was honored to be able spend a great week with children and my friends in Miami. The week at camp was great, but nothing beats snorkeling in Key Largo with all the fish in the sea. The day started off great with being able to sleep in... Continue Reading →

Last Day of Camp

The last day of camp always evokes so many emotions. Exhausted volunteers, TML workers, and kids all gather to end the week with one last celebration of Gods love for us. We started off the day, like always, with our morning worship session. We screamed worship songs at the top of our lungs for one... Continue Reading →

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