Last Day in Miami

Hi everyone! Good morning, good afternoon, or goodnight to whomever is reading this! This week has been quite a ride for all of us here in Miami… we started the week off with a few delays, but we worked out all the kinks. Monday was an amazing day for all of us, we got to... Continue Reading →


Last Day at TML

So in today’s blog, we (Tom and Frankie) wanted to reflect upon how this week at TML has impacted us. This week really tested us. First of all, it tested our ability to work with kids who have a very different background than anything we’ve experienced. It was tough to think like they think so... Continue Reading →

Day 4 (field trip day)

I have been looking forward to this mission trip for a while. I love working with kids and sharing God’s love with others. This week has met my expectations of TML. I have had so much fun! I have enjoyed spending time with the Guppies, who are so full of life. Today was our field... Continue Reading →

Camp Day 3

Hey! I’m Olivia Nation, and this is my very first mission trip, it’s been amazing. I’ve learned and seen so many things already and we’re only halfway through the week. After some troubles with travels on Saturday, we were welcomed at TML by their awesome staff on Sunday evening.  This week so far has been... Continue Reading →

Camp Day 2

Hey there! This is Reece, and I’m going to weigh in on my thoughts so far regarding this Mission Trip to Miami. To be completely honest, I was not looking forward to this trip with the same intense excitement that I normally reserve for church trips, due to various and ridiculous reasons. The absence of... Continue Reading →

Day 1 of Camp

6/19/17 The First Day of Camp My mother said always start the day with a good breakfast to help you through the day. This morning I had some lukewarm eggs and overcooked sausage patties that I managed to eat in less than 5 minutes. Great. On the way to TML, I went over what I... Continue Reading →


The first day of our mission trip and first day in Miami was an adventure for sure. We began Saturday by meeting at the Augusta airport at 2:30 to get prepared for our 5 o’clock flight. We got through security and bag check smoothly and were very thankful for that. We departed from the airport... Continue Reading →

Our Last Day in Eleuthera

Today was our excursion day in Eleuthera.  After a hearty breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs; we dropped of our new friends from Columbus, Mississippi at the airport.  Then we explored Preacher’s Cave.  Preacher’s cave is where European settlers founded the first church on the island of Eleuthera.  The settlers cam seeking religious freedom.  We... Continue Reading →

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